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The Science behind Bamboo Hair Treatments

The Science behind Bamboo Hair Treatments


Strong, healthy, volumized hair can be difficult to obtain without the right products, but knowing what to give your hair to ensure it gets what it needs isn’t always as simple as a walk through your favorite beauty store. There’s an art and a science behind keeping your hair looking and feeling fantastic. If your locks are begging for some TLC, it may just need a little bamboo.  There’s a lot this little miracle worker can do for your hair, so here’s what you can expect to achieve with the science behind bamboo hair treatments.

What is Bamboo?

If you’re thinking about the woody grass plant, you’re right! Bambusa vulgaris, or bamboo, is a fast-growing, self-generating natural resource that has been adapted into modern society for a variety of uses, including hair products such as shampoo, conditioner and masques. It has high silica content, which is an important trace mineral that encourages hair growth, helps to strengthen the hair and restores elasticity. Because most of us have silica deficiency, anyone and everyone can benefit from using bamboo products.

Bamboo in Hair Products

Hair products contain bamboo extract, which comes from the leaves and stalk of the bamboo. Every product will be different and have different concentration levels of the extract, but when you use the right product it can help your hair grow longer, stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

How Does Bamboo Benefit Your Hair?

Because of its high silica content, bamboo is a must-have ingredient in hair products to give your locks what they need to thrive. Here are the top five benefits of bamboo hair treatments:

1. Cleansing

Your scalp holds on to buildup of pollutants and dead skin cells, which can lead to flat, lackluster hair. When you cleanse your hair and scalp with bamboo shampoo, you can penetrate deeper into the buildup to wash it away. This restores a healthy, natural sheen to your hair.

2. Moisture Retention

In science terminology, you could say that bamboo supports glycosaminoglycan synthesis, but what this really means is moisture retention. When your hair dries out, it becomes brittle and far more susceptible to damage, but soft, moisturized locks have the elasticity they need to withstand breakage and reduce frizz.

3. Antioxidants


Bamboo is gentle and safe even for those with sensitive skin, and can reinvigorate your strands if they’re lacking nutrients. The antioxidants in this natural ingredient are an excellent nutritional supplement as you wash and condition to get your hair looking beautiful and healthy.

4. Hair Growth

The high silica content in bamboo can have a variety of beneficial effects on your hair, which may include faster, healthier hair growth. When you regularly use bamboo shampoo and conditioner as part of your beauty regimen, you’ll be consistently giving your hair the nutrients it needs to promote thick, strong hair.  

5. Volume

As your hair grows stronger and your bamboo shampoo continually removes the buildup from your day or other hair products, your hair will have the opportunity to grow more naturally. Without your hair being weighed down by buildup, it’s going to have more dimension and volume to create fuller, healthier dos.

Where to Buy Bamboo Hair Products

When you buy your bamboo hair products, you want to make sure you are getting the benefits you’re looking for. Soapbox is committed to providing quality, affordable products that work, that’s why we took the time to research the science behind bamboo hair treatments to formulate the absolute best bamboo shampoo and conditioner. They’re made with clean ingredients and they’re SLS and SLES free, making them perfect for all hair types!



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