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How to Choose the Best Products for Your Hair Type

How to Choose the Best Products for Your Hair Type

If you have ever walked into a beauty store, then you have likely felt the overwhelming pressure of choosing hair care products. There are countless different products to choose from, all perfectly lined up on rows-upon-rows of shelves, artistically portrayed in a wide variety of colors and marked with seemingly endless lists of ingredients.

And if you start to read those lists, you may quickly find yourself completely lost.

There are so many different things packed into bottles that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to know what you are putting on your hair, let alone whether it’s actually what your hair needs. The bottle may say things like “volume” or “shine,” but what does that really mean? Every hair type is unique and required different maintenance to remain healthy, so the next time you need to pick up products, follow this guide on how to choose the best ones for your hair type.


Dry or Damaged Hair

If your hair is dry or damaged then it’s starving for some hydration, which means it needs a splash of moisture to bring it back to life. Oils are excellent moisturizing ingredients, so try to find shampoos or conditioners that use something like olive oil or nature’s miracle worker, coconut oil. Coconut oil is going to add the moisture your brittle locks need to keep them both healthy and silky soft. Plus, it’s going to strengthen your stands to help tame any frizz, which can help you create a smoother everyday style.

Repair Conditioners: When you’re trying to restore your hair’s natural state after being damaged, it may need a little extra TLC. Look for a penetrating deep conditioner that can get into the inner layers of your locks to really give it the drink of nourishment it needs.

Oily Hair

If your hair tends to be the complete opposite of dry, then you need to seek out products that can get to the root of the problem. Oily hair tends to be the result of excessive sebum, a natural oily substance in the scalp that keeps hair healthy. To keep the sebum under control, and deter the oily look, choose a deep cleansing shampoo, also sometimes referred to as a clarifying shampoo. Tea tree oil is a must-have ingredient for these products for its deep cleansing properties and ability to remove build-up, another source of oil. Follow it up with a tea tree oil conditioner for strong, healthy hair that can easily be tamed and styled.

Fine or Flat Hair


Dry, oily or otherwise, you may find yourself awkwardly flipping your strands this way and that while you blow dry in an attempt to get some volume. If you have fine or flat hair, this likely isn’t going to work without a little bit of help. If you want to add volume, don’t just grab one of the many products on the shelf advertising the word; instead, consider what your hair needs. A lot of the time, a lack of volume, even with fine hair, is simply the result of build-up. Build-up on the hair follicles drags them down and makes it difficult to achieve the voluminous look you’re going for. To fix it, you need a deep cleansing shampoo that allows you to create body. The same tea tree oil shampoo that can fix oily hair can help you add volume as well. Moisture retention also plays a role in the bounce in your hair. The more moisture your hair is able to retain the more elasticity it will have to promote volume in your tresses. Bamboo extract is an ideal ingredient to look for when your goal is to add more volume and strength to your locks as it's rich in silica.  

Dry Shampoo: With fine hair, try adding some texture with dry shampoo. It will also help keep your hair lifted throughout the day.

Know Your Hair

When it comes down to choosing products, you really need to start your search by knowing your hair type. From dry to oily hair and everything in-between, knowing what your hair needs is the first step towards finding a solution to have that selfie-worthy hair day.


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