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Liquid Hand Soap – The Best Fragrances for Kitchen and Bathroom

Liquid Hand Soap – The Best Fragrances for Kitchen and Bathroom

We spend plenty of time picking the right shampoo for our hair or moisturizer for our body, but what about liquid hand soaps? A good hand soap is the difference between cracked, dry hands and beautifully smooth, soft skin.
It doesn’t hurt that a pretty bottle of liquid hand soap next to the kitchen sink and bathroom basin adds the perfect little touch of class, too.
So, to help you choose the perfect fragrances for your kitchen and bathroom, here are our top picks.

The Best Fragrances for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen soap needs to be gentle – because you wash your hands a great deal when you cook – and it needs to be strong. You want to get rid of that onion scent, but you don’t want your skin to dry out in the process.

So, what works in the kitchen?

  1. Coconut Oil

Many people who spend their time in the kitchen prefer a liquid hand soap with a coconut oil scent.

Our coconut milk and sandalwood liquid hand soap is designed to replenish skin and keep your hands moisturized and hydrated with every wash. With ingredients in coconut oil like fatty acids and vitamins E and K, this is the perfect kitchen sink must-have to keep hands soft and smelling gorgeous.

  1. Citrus

How often do you find yourself in the kitchen peeling onions, chopping garlic, or even handling fishy meals? You know just how much the smell can linger on your skin, don’t you?

Citrus-based liquid hand soaps like our citrus and peach rose reviving moisture liquid hand soap are designed to get that lingering smell right out of your skin. The fruity-sweet combination is delicate on the skin, leaving your hands feeling smooth and fresh. With ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter, you can also look forward to deep moisturizing properties.

Citrusy, earthy, and woody fragrances work well for kitchen liquid hand soaps. Ingredients to look out for in your choice of liquid hand soaps include:

  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Tea tree
  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Patchouli
  • Lemongrass
  • Eucalyptus

These are all scents designed to get the kitchen grime and foody smells out of your skin while keeping those hands soft, moisturized, and smooth.

The Best Fragrances for Your Bathrooms

The bathroom – the second place in your home where you spend time washing your hands day in and day out. There’s the master, your sanctuary, where you deserve to treat yourself to a beautifully fragranced liquid hand soap designed to moisturize and keep hands soft and supple.

Then there’s the powder room. The perfect place for you to treat your guests with a liquid hand soap that not only coordinates with your décor but that doubles as a hand lotion and leaves a lasting scent to keep your guest bathroom smelling fresh.

Of course, there’s the kiddo’s bathroom, too. You need something that will kill germs in their tracks, but preferably without ingredients like triclosan that actually breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Well-chosen fragranced liquid hand soap is perfect for this.

Our top picks for bathroom liquid hand soap include:

  1. Vanilla and Lily Blossom

Our vanilla and lily blossom nourishing moisture soap is filled to the brim with ingredients to leave your hard-working hands nourished and soothed. The soft lily blossom calms body and mind while the vanilla provides antibacterial properties. This is a fun liquid hand soap for the kids’ bathroom, too, and the thick lather makes handwashing fun while buffing away dirt and locking in the moisture.

  1. Pomegranate and Plum

For the powder room and your master bathroom, consider luxurious pomegranate and plum scents. Each time you use this liquid hand soap, you get to restore your skin to its soft, supple self. The citrus pomegranate scent is perfectly balanced with sweet plum to leave hands smelling beautiful for hours on end.

Sweeter, fragrant scents for the bathroom not only leave your hands smelling good, but the scent will also linger in your bathroom, making sure it smells fresh. Some of the popular choices for bathroom liquid hand soap scents include:

  • Almond
  • Honey
  • Orange blossom
  • Lavender

There’s certainly a time and place for getting your hands dirty. Whether you work in the garden, clean the house or cook in the kitchen, you need a reliable, moisturizing liquid hand soap that won’t damage your skin.

Soapbox provides an array of products designed to lock in moisture and keep hands smelling fresh all day long! See our range to find out more.

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