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How Bath Bombs Blow Away Your Stress

How Bath Bombs Blow Away Your Stress

Ah, bath bombs. Those amazing fizzy balls of bliss. Just drop one into the bath and you’re ready for a relaxing, amazing bathing experience. The fun all starts the moment you toss a bath bomb into the water and it starts to fizz, releasing gorgeous scents. Best of all, the ingredients can be beneficial for your skin.
So, what exactly can these fizzy balls of joy do for you and your stress levels? Blow them away, that’s what!
Here are more benefits of adding bath bombs to your bath time routine.

Send You Into a Peaceful Slumber

After you’ve taken a few minutes to soak in warm, fragrant water, you are more likely to feel relaxed, calm and ready for a snooze. But the benefits don’t stop there. When you step out of the bath, the cool air hits your skin and encourages your brain to release melatonin, a hormone that helps you drift off into sleep land more easily.

When people travel, they often take melatonin to help them adjust to different time zones, but you can get yours naturally by hopping into a bath bomb-infused bath before bedtime.

Our vanilla & lily blossom bombs help you relax and unwind while you sniff in the soothing scents of lily blossom and vanilla, preparing your senses for a peaceful night ahead.

They’re Good for Your Skin

Bath bombs add softeners to your bath water that indulge and moisturize your skin. No matter what kind of skin you have, the beneficial ingredients in bath bombs, like sea salt, sunflower oil and Shea butter will leave you feeling soft, silky and supple.

You’ll enjoy cleansed skin that leaves you feeling soothed and pampered after a long day.

Improve Circulation

As you submerge into a warm bath, it immediately sends more blood to the skin’s surface, giving you that youthful glow. Your veins and arteries temporarily expand, lowering your blood pressure and creating more space for blood to flow. This helps leave your stresses behind as you sink down and soak your troubles away.

Healing Properties

Our bath bombs contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. Combined, they help to create that fizzing sensation we love so much. What’s more, bath bomb fizzy goodness leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh as you watch your worries go whirring down the drain with the bath water and you’re left feeling like a more relaxed and happier version of the wonderful you!


Fight Off a Cold

If you’re battling a cold or flu, your sinuses and throat may be inflamed, leaving you achy and hoarse. Climbing into a warm, scent-infused bath and breathing in the steamy air can bring soothing relief and moisture to get you on track to recovery.

Different Scents for Different Things

Bath bombs offer the best kind of scent therapy. The scent lingers on your skin, staying with you all day. What’s more, different scents have different purposes.

If you’re more of a morning bather, grab a tea tree and mint bath bomb to help you wake up and stimulate your senses for a refreshing, invigorating day ahead. Or try our citrus and peach rose bath bomb for a revitalizing bath time that will leave you feeling, and smelling, fresh, crisp and exotic.

More of a nighttime soaker? A coconut milk and sandalwood bath bomb will help you drift into relaxation with comforting scents and earthy aromas.

Soothing Soaks

Bathing in warm water opens up your pores, leaving skin feeling glowing, fresh, and stress-free. It’s also the opportunity to deeply moisturize during bath time. With blends of Shea butters and sunflower oils, our bath bombs will melt into your skin for a hefty dose of moisture, getting rid of skin stress, too!

A Stress-Free Atmosphere

Bath bombs create an atmosphere of opulence and luxury. Drop one into the tub and watch it fizz as you inhale delightful scents that help you forget about the day’s worries.

Bath bombs really are amazing effervescent balls of delight that turn an everyday bath into a joyful, relaxing experience. If you’re looking for ways to literally melt away your stress, it’s time to try our bath bombs.


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