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How you’re helping us fight COVID-19

How you’re helping us fight COVID-19

You may still be at home right now to flatten the curve but still anxiously wondering what more can be done. Good news: you’ve been helping us fight this thing all along. Since the beginning of Soapbox, we have been focused on providing health and hygiene products to the most vulnerable. In a crazy time like the one we’re in now, that mission has never rang more true.

By supporting our business, you have allowed us to donate 3.7 million soap bars. To date, over two million soap bars went to national groups like Feeding America, World Vision, and Feed the Children who distribute food and supplies to seniors, low-income families, and the homeless. For many people with limited income, choosing between food and hygiene products like soap to keep them safe is the choice they have to make. For others in even worse situations, the choice isn’t even there. Your contribution is truly a lifesaver in this time. 

Our aid has also crossed international borders. Over 1 million soap bars have gone to hospitals, refugee camps, and NGOs in 7 developing countries through our partners at EcoSoap Bank. In Sierra Leone where there are 13 ventilators for a population of 7.9 million people, soap and hygiene is so critical. Our soap donations have allowed hospitals in Cambodia to finally restock on soap, an item that has been scarce even in a healthcare setting. 

Soap makes a real impact right now, but we also know that the true heroes are our healthcare workers. We partnered with Ipsy to include Soapbox products in “glam bags” going out to 50,000 healthcare workers across the country at the end of April. It’s a small token but it signifies our endless gratitude and respect. 

We have never been prouder to live out our mission as a company or to have such an incredible community behind us. You made this possible and we will keep doing this work together.

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