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How Soapbox Is Changing the World One Bar at a Time

How Soapbox Is Changing the World One Bar at a Time

Real connections between businesses and customers can be hard to come by. So many companies remain at a distance from their supporters who make their success a reality.

At Soapbox, that’s not what we want. In fact, we not only want lasting relationships with you but we also want you to be able to impact the lives of other as well! We want to be involved in as many communities as possible and do positive work, both here and abroad with you right by our side. Not only does it give us the chance to meet and empower amazing people, but it’s the perfect way for us to cement real relationships with our customers and partners.

It’s a chance we never want to miss out on.

We’re passionate about soap. We believe it can change a life, and that’s why our motto is soap = hope. And you make that possible, thank you!

Changing the World with Soap

Every one of our products donates a bar of soap to a person in need. Often, we pair the donations with much-needed and valued hygiene education. For us, it’s all about sustainability. That’s exactly why we work with local soap makers for the bars that we donate and the hygiene education that is partnered with it.

It’s our way of ensuring that the impact we make truly makes a real difference in the world by empowering others and supporting the local communities we serve. We want people to know that Soapbox is here to help, not hinder. We’re not just another faceless corporation.

We’d like to think that we’re much more than that. We’re proud of our donations and work and we hope that you are proud to be part of it all.

About Our Soap Bar Donations

This is how our initiative works. For every single product your purchase from us, whether it’s one bar of soap or a complete pamper package, we donate a bar of soap for every individual item purchased to someone in need, whether it’s here in the states or overseas.

Our donated bars of soap are lovingly created from recycled bars of soap from hotels made possible by our amazing nonprofit partners like Eco-Soap Bank, Clean the World Foundation and Sundara. Often made by people in the communities we serve. The bars are shaved down and completely sanitized to create a brand-new, usable bar of soap. This sustainable method empowers and supports local communities.

To date, more than three million lives have been impacted by our donate a bar initiative.

Hygiene Education Is Important to Us, Too

For the team at Soapbox, it’s not just about making sure a bar of soap is donated for every purchase you make. We also value the importance of hygiene lessons and best practice.

That’s why our bar donations are often paired with much-need hygiene education within less fortunate communities. The old saying, “give a man a fish and eats for a day; teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime” truly resonates with us.

That’s why we’ve invested in providing the necessary tools to create an improved livelihood for the people we serve. We work with nonprofits who make and distribute the donated bars and also teach hygiene ambassador programs that include elements like the etiquette of hand washing.

To date, we’re proud to report that 6,000 hygiene lessons have been taught, thanks to our amazing partner Sundara’s hygiene ambassadors.

Sustainability Is Extremely Important to Us

For us, maintaining a sustainable model has always been our number one priority. Dave Simnick, the co-founder of Soapbox, quickly identified the hurt that often comes from giving that’s done without considering the impact on communities in need. Our goal is to lift others up in as many ways as possible which means giving donations that empower just as much as they provide.

By partnering with Sundara, we’ve been able to create jobs for more than 30 women, and we look forward to increasing this number as we grow.

Our Partners Help Us Achieve Our Initiatives

Everyone we partner with serves their local communities to create an impact far beyond the donations. Not only are lessons taught and lives changed, but jobs are also created. From funding research to serving children’s homes, the projects supported are highly impactful.

Your Purchases Help Fund Research Development, Too

Besides soap donations and hygiene education, your purchases from Soapbox help us to support important research at UCSF with the Carter Center and the F.I. Proctor Foundation where research is undertaken to determine how hygiene lessons and water sanitation can help reduce trachoma infections. Trachoma is the world’s top eye disease; it’s highly infectious and often results in blindness. Trachoma impacts over 50 countries on our globe and we’re so proud of this partnership that explores ways to reduce the instances of this disease.

The Impact of Your Purchases from Soapbox

When you purchase Soapbox products, a donation is either made here or in overseas countries such as Cambodia, India, and Haiti (plus 61 other countries). When we work with other countries, we always make sure we work with local artisans to procure the bars of soap that we donate when available.

We realize that giving away thousands of bars of soap can do more harm than good to local soap makers, potentially putting them out of business. Our sustainability model ensures we support local economies while giving back to those in need.

Thank you from Soapbox

From all of us at Soapbox, thank you for so many years of support and love. Your impact is truly an incredible gift and we’re so humbled to have you as a part of the Soapbox family. Each and every one of your purchases allows us to continue serving our community both here and abroad; bettering the livelihood of those in need. And that, is something you should feel so very proud of.

Thank you!

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