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Wings of Refuge

Wings of Refuge

Pernier, Haiti



Start date: 01-01-2014
End date: 31-12-2014
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In Haiti, almost 60% of all schools lack toilet facilities and more than 75% lack any water access. With water and hygiene items out of reach for so many kids at school, bringing soap to their homes makes a huge difference. The soap is going to the children who live in the Wings of Refuge Children's Home in Pernier, Haiti. These kids live here full time so it isn't right to call it an orphanage. The children are fed three times a day, educated, taught proper hygiene, and most importantly, loved.

Partner Details

Wings of Refuge Inc. is a supporting partner of the Wings of Refuge Children's Home in Pernier, Haiti. Pastor Roger Wilson Charles and his wife, Gladys Charles, started the home, which is now run totally by local community members. Wings of Refuge Inc. responds to the needs of the home and, instead of leading the way on the ground in Haiti, their team strengthens, supplies and supports those leading the way in Haiti.

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