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Splash Cambodia Water

Splash Cambodia Water

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


62,908 daily

Start date: 01-01-2008
End date: 31-12-2017
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According to UNICEF, the absence of clean water and proper sanitation tools is a major issue affecting Cambodians, particularly children. The lack of availability of soap and clean water with which to wash hands is causing high incidences of diarrhea diseases, which are accounting for one fifth of all deaths for children under 5 in Cambodia. 10,000 deaths can be attributed to improper sanitation and lack of access to clean water annually in this country!

Partner Details

Water filtration systems are being installed across the country in locations like orphanages, schools, and hospitals. When the Cambodia arm of Splash had started 6 years ago, partnerships with large child-focused NGO’s were formed all over the country ranging from pediatric hospitals to shelters and schools. 

An analysis of the program came to the conclusion that the programs should be restructured as social enterprises, or “commercial endeavors that benefit social good.” When this restructure was implemented in 2014, 100% of the water filtration systems installed were paid for by customers instead of given as charity. The end goal is for all of the restructurings to be finished by 2017 and for Splash-Cambodia to be fully operational without any need for additional funds.

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