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Edify x Ecosoap Bank

Edify x Ecosoap Bank

Sierra Leone



Start date: 01-01-2020
End date:
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This soap enabled 280 schools supporting 56,000 students to safely reopen during the Covid-19 outbreak. In Sierra Leone, where there are fewer than a dozen ventilators for the entire population, the concern about Covid-19 was far greater than most other countries. However, local governments felt it necessary to reopen schools with socially distant processes so that students could continue to learn, access food, and allow parents to go back to work. However, access to soap is scarce, creating obvious concerns to staff, parents, and students alike.

Partner Details

Edify is an international non-profits that help provide the resources for local communities in developing countries run successful schools. Around the world, independent schools are started by everyday women and men who are passionate about education and their community. But often they don’t have what they need. Edify provides business and teacher training, loan capital, and education technology to help students learn in a modern environment.

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