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Eco Soap Bank Soap Recycling

Eco Soap Bank Soap Recycling



150,000 to date

Start date: 01-01-2014
End date:
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The Eco-Soap Bank saves, sanitizes, and supplies recycled soap to hundreds of thousands of rural Cambodians because soap should not be a luxury, but a basic human right. Throughout the pandemic, Ecosoap Bank provided every hospital in Cambodia with soap sponsored by Soapbox. Currently this recycled soap is being distributed to over 600 schools, a hospital, eight health centers and 28 other non profit organizations across Cambodia.

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Eco Soap Bank was started in 2014 out of a sense of urgency to solve a great issue in Cambodia. 10 million Cambodians live daily without access to soap for hand washing. In a country that has the highest child-mortality rate and also where soap from 4 million tourists are thrown away, something had to be done. While their focus is in Cambodia, they also provide millions of bars annually in parts of Africa and South America. 

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