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Access Afya

Access Afya

Mukuru Slum, Nairobi, Kenya



Start date: 01-01-2013
End date:
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The soap is provided to residents of the slums through the micro clinics to bring home to their families to stop the spread of these waterborne diseases. The Mukuru Slums make up almost 50% of Nairobi's population. However, there is a complete lack of basic services in the slum, including formal water supply. Water cartels control water access and sell jerrycans to community members at a large mark up but the inability to pay for it means drinking from disease-ridden pipes. When possible, families purchase the clean water while forgoing soap. The soap provided by NGOs and Soapbox is critical to everyday health.

Partner Details

Access Afya is a social enterprise creating a model for integrated community health. They run a chain of micro-clinics in Nairobi's informal settlements and a Healthy Schools program that delivers check-ups, treatments, and training to children in their schools. Access Afya's model makes a difference by getting essential health products and services to a population that is ill served by the current health system.

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