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The Team


David Simnick

CEO & Co-Founder

Dave loves big ideas. He called Eric late one night with the idea for SoapBox Soaps. “What if a company could change the world through empowering customers to change it through simple, everyday purchases?” Okay. So it wasn’t that articulate, but it was a start. Dave’s the guy who will abruptly stop talking during a conversation to analyze a TV commercial’s message, and then furiously writes down ideas in his notebook.


Daniel Doll

President & COO

Dan is the go-to guy for all thing ops. Whether it is working on new products, making sure things are in-stock and shipped on time, or meeting with our fragrance consultant (yes, they do exist), he is the guy behind the scenes putting the grease on the squeaky wheel. We need to grease those wheels often, but luckily he won a lifetime supply of grease over a poker match... that last part didn't actually happen.


Dennis Byrd

Director of Business Development

Dennis is a people person. Born and raised just outside of Atlanta, he developed his Southern charm and a knack for storytelling. People love talking with him, and he always makes their day. Whether it’s singing a tune in the office, helping a retailer with a store launch, answering a SoapBox customer question, he somehow always manages to put a smile on your face.


Jason Rosen

Graphic Designer

Jason is a dreamer. A native Washingtonian and local musician, Jason is the creative mind behind the design. With great attention to detail, he makes sure your soap looks as clean as it feels. When he is not up all night behind his computer monitor, Jason enjoys guitars, coffee, and vintage cars. Jason is the kind of guy that won’t quit until the job is complete, his motto: Giving to others multiplies and comes back to reward you with good karma.


Anne Albright

Director of National Accounts

Anne loves a challenge. She started in the HBC business before most of the SoapBox team was born - YIKES! Anne is a native Detroiter and currently lives in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan with her husband John, son Robbie, and Siberian Husky Lexi. She is a very focused individual that doesn't give up until the task is complete. She is known to strike up a conversation with anyone which makes her a total people person. She's very excited to be part of the Soapbox team and tells everyone she has the best job in the world!


Jessica Calvert

Demo Coordinator

Jess wears many hats at the office. She is our Director of National Accounts, National Demo Coordinator, and Office Manager. When Jess is not confirming POs, invoicing accounts, or managing brand ambassadors, she enjoys being with her friends and family. Her favorite time of the year is definitely the summer - dresses, crabs, and boats! Jess is originally from Oxford, Maryland and moved to Washington, D.C. after graduating from Virginia Tech in 2008.


Cici Pandol

Director of Communications

Cici just graduated from University of Richmond and is now heading up our communications work. She loves making Buzzfeed articles and taking pretty pictures of our soap and all around talking to SoapBox fans! Her interest in social entrepreneurship led to a thesis on the subject, which led to interviewing Dave, which led to a job! This is her first job out of school, and she feels pretty lucky to have landed in the SoapBox Family.


Van Hoang

Director of Operations

Van thrives on turning ideas into reality. Switching between big picture strategizing and detailed execution is second nature to her. Drawing from her experiences living in places like Hanoi, Vietnam and Greencastle, Indiana, Van analyzes every problem from a variety of lenses to find common patterns. Van manages SoapBox’s operations - which can mean anything from shipping to making sure Dan remembers to eat lunch. She lives by the words of the Desiderata and is a lover of story-telling, traveling, running, women’s issues, and the simple things in life.


Kacie Shantz

Roadshow Coordinator

Kacie is a doer. As the Roadshow Coordinator she is behind the scenes and in stores across the country setting up demos, in order to spread the word and mission of SoapBox Soaps. She has always had a passion for helping people, which is why she loves working with SoapBox. No matter where you find her, you will always find her with a smile on her face, and a good book in her bag.


Grace Khasar

Communications Intern

Grace is a throwback intern, and is joining the SoapBox crew once again after a few year hiatus! You can find her tweeting about soap and bubbles with a cup of coffee in hand. She is especially passionate about giving back because it really, truly is so much better than receiving.


Ben Mangefrida

Business Development Intern

Ben gets it done. A rising junior at American University, he performs many tasks at SoapBox, but spends most of the day doing online advertising and market research. On the weekends, he likes to golf (poorly), watch movies (proficiently), and eat entirely too much Chipotle (like a champion).


Maureen Rice

Communications Intern

Having just graduated from Virginia Tech, Maureen could not be happier to join another community as passionate as the Hokie Nation. Maureen will be interning with SoapBox's communications team, with a heavy focus on social media as well as photo and video production. Whether it be videotaping office pranks or taking product photos, you can almost always find her behind one lens or another. She is a firm believer that laughter being the greatest sound in the world, so the hilarious SoapBox team really is the perfect place for Maureen.


Edward Fleitz

Business Development Intern

Edward is full of ideas and will do anything to help SoapBox grow. From packing samples for stores to doing cold calls (and being on hold) all day, Edward will rise to the task and get it done with a smile on his face. Edward draws much of his moral inspiration from his big sister and just wants to see the world in a better place than when he got there. Edward greatly values loyalty and now refuses to wash with anything but SoapBox. In his personal life, Edward enjoys photography, music, and Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. His favorite season is Autumn and his favorite color is green.

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