How We Give

Access to soap can change a life,
which is why we believe that
soap = hope.

Each of your Soapbox products donates a bar of soap to someone in need and often these bar donations are also paired with proper hygiene education.

Sustainability is key and we practice it by working with local soap makers when available for the bars that are donated.

Our Bar

For every Soapbox product you purchase, we, together, donate a bar of soap to someone in need either state-side or abroad. These bars of soap are made from recycled bars from hotels that have been shaved down, sanitized and reformed to make a brand new bar.

Over 3 million lives have been impacted by your purchases to date

Teaching the Masses

Your bar donations are also paired with hygiene lessons! We took the "give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime" approach to our donations. We provide the tools to create a better livelihood for those we serve by working with nonprofits who not only make and distribute the bars, but also teach hand-washing etiquette through their hygiene ambassador programs.

hygiene lessons

have been taught by Sundara hygiene ambassadors

Funding Research Development

Your purchases also help support groundbreaking research that The Carter Center and the F.I. Proctor Foundation at UCSF are conducting to see how water sanitation & hygiene education will help reduce trachoma infections (It’s the world’s leading infectious eye disease that can lead to blindness).

Trachoma is impacting
more than
50 countries

at Our Core

At Soapbox maintaining a sustainable giving model has been at our core since inception. Our founder, Dave Simnick, recognized the hurt that can come from giving that is done without weighing the impact on the local economy of the communities we serve.

With our partner Sundara,
30 women
have been hired


Your donation is either made here in the U.S. or abroad in countries such as India, Haiti and Cambodia just to name a few.

Soapbox is different from other One for One companies. When we work abroad, we work with local artisans to procure the soaps we donate.

Why is this

Giving away thousands of bars of soap hurts local soap makers, and could put them out of business. Our model supports local economies while providing soap and hygiene education.

Woman Smiling and Holding Soap

Partners Who Empower

Our partners serve their local communities and create an impact that goes beyond the donations distributed. Jobs are created, lessons are taught and lives are changes. From serving children's homes to funding research on how hand washing can reduce diseases that result in blindness, the projects your purchases support are vast and impactful.

  • All Hands Volunteers
  • Splash
  • Sundara
  • Thrive DC
  • Health 2 Humanity
  • Feeding South Florida
  • Clean the World
  • Eco Soap Bank
  • Wings of Refuge
  • The Sunshine Approach
  • Access Afya