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FREE Shipping on all orders $50+



Wait.... What?!?

Improved hygiene saves lives, but not everyone has access to soap. We're on a mission to change that. So, we’re spreading the word across country and donating soap along the way.

Here's the Plan

— Create a 21ft bottle of handsoap–world's largest. Don't forget to grab a pic with our photo booth!
Trucking to 16 major cities and donating bar soaps and hygiene kits at each location to nonprofits/foster homes in need.
— Help us kit 200+ hygiene kits at a city near you that will be donated to kids in need within your local community!
— Let your voice be heard! Sticker your city's custom wooden (soap)box with what you're on your soapbox about.

Food stamps (SNAPS) don’t cover the cost of soap and everyone deserves access to this basic need. So we are supplying homeless shelters, food pantries and foster homes in each of the cities we go to with bar soap and essential hygiene kit donations with our partners Clean the World Foundation and Comfort Cases.

Who Is Soapbox?

— Feel the Difference. Make a Difference.
Soapbox offers vegan hair and body care that deliver amazing results while also giving back to those in need.
— Every purchase donates a bar of soap to a community in need. Over 20M bars donated so far!
— Track your donation with the unique Hope Code on the back of every bottle.
— Available at retailers like: Walgreens, Sally Beauty, Rite Aid, Amazon, and more!