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What Skin Care Essentials You Need to Pack When Traveling

What Skin Care Essentials You Need to Pack When Traveling

Makeup, and especially skincare, can be a little challenging when you travel, especially if you prefer to travel light. What’s more, there’s always those few items you inevitably forget when you pack for any sort of trip.
So, we’ve put together this friendly reminder of which essentials you should pack first, before you start thinking about outfits and shoes. After all, while your hotel is sure to have a handy hairdryer for you, it’s not going to have your favorite face cleanser and moisturizer.

Keep Your Skin in Top Condition In-Flight

One thing you might not have considered is the condition of your skin during your flight. In fact, it’s important to remember a few on-board essentials.

Hydration is most important. Thanks to high altitudes, recirculated air and airplane air conditioning, dehydration, puffiness, dryness and redness are just some common effects your skin may experience.

We know it’s important to adhere to airline guidelines, most of which say no to liquids over 100ml being taken on board international flights but packing a travel-size moisturizer and eye cream would be good for keeping your skin in glowing condition for when you land.

Speaking of Landing

Before you pack your travel essentials, consider your destination. And remember, a vacation is no time to start a whole new regimen. So, pack your essentials into travel-sized containers to ensure you have your usual faithful products on hand when you land.If you’re jetting off to a cooler destination, it’s a good idea to add a serum, face mask or moisturizer with hyaluronic acid for an extra hydration punch, if needed. This will help prevent the colder temperatures wreaking havoc with your complexion.Our organic raw coconut oil is great for hydrating and restoring dry skin, or soothing itchy skin in hotter climates.

Your Skin Care Checklist

No matter your destination, there are a few essentials you should never travel without.

Here’s out checklist of top items:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer, preferably with sunscreen
  • Eye cream
  • A night repair serum to apply after days in the snow or scorching sun

The best tip we can give you is to take sample or travel size products. If you can fit all your makeup and skin care products into one toiletry bag, even better.

The only size you should never skimp on is your sunscreen.

Go Big on the Sun Protection

Sunscreen, no matter where you are going, is a must. You’ve got to protect your skin. Even in colder destinations, you can still get sunburned.

Despite what you might think, burning your beautiful skin is not going to give you that bronze look you’re hoping for. It will, though, age your skin faster, turning it to leather before you’re thirty.

An After-Sun product is also essential to help stop your skin drying out. Our advice is to pick a product rich in aloe vera as it’s far more soothing on burnt skin.

Our coconut milk and sandalwood deep moisture body wash provides a deeply moisturizing experience. The blend of aloe and shea butter helps to seal in moisture and the coconut oil intensifies your hydration levels. It’s the perfect combination of restorative properties to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and cared for, whether you spend your days on the beach or on the slopes.

Don’t Neglect Your Hair

Finally, don’t forget about your tresses when you’re traveling. The sun, cold, and even conditions on the plane can all wreak havoc with that gorgeous sheen you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Our Argan oil control and soften conditioner is the perfect addition to your travel essentials. The Argan oil provides sensational softness and frizz-taming properties, while the vitamin E from the oil locks in shine to keep your locks looking shower-fresh all day long.

Once you’ve packed your personal care essentials, go ahead and pick out those shoes and outfits for an amazing trip, complete with all your beauty necessities to keep your skin, and hair, soft, hydrated and shining.

Happy travels!


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