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The Difference Between Actual Shampoo and Dry Shampoo

The Difference Between Actual Shampoo and Dry Shampoo


Shampooing, we love it for what it does for our hair, but sometimes the downside of cold, wet hair that takes ages to blow-dry and style deters us from the hopping in the shower.

Luckily, you don’t always have to go all out with real shampoo and wet tresses – there are some instances where dry shampoo might just do the trick.

If you despise washing your hair daily, you might already be on board with dry shampooing.

But when it comes to the battle between regular and dry shampoo, there are some important things worth taking note of, including the fact that they are definitely not interchangeable.

Here are a few things we think you ought to know about regular vs. dry shampoo.

It’s Okay Not to Wash Your Hair

You really don’t need to wash your hair every day. When you allow your natural oils to seep into your hair, your tresses get healthier. But when you start to have buildup on the scalp, like your scalp gets irritated or itchy, you’re not washing enough.

Our activated charcoal is the perfect solution if you need to cleanse your scalp from build-up and impurities all while maintaining nourishing moisture. 

It’s Not Always About Clean Hair

Here’s something that may shock you. Shampoo was never designed to clean your hair. It’s made to clean your scalp. Ideally, you should rinse whatever lather is on your scalp after washing and then treat your ends with a conditioner instead of too much shampoo which can dry out your hair.

For strength and body, try our bamboo conditioner that will truly lock moisture into those ends and volumize your tresses.

What’s the Deal with Dry Shampoo?

The concept behind dry shampoo is straightforward. The starch or alcohol in the product soaks up any excess oil and grease, giving your hair a fresher and cleaner appearance.

Dry shampooing certainly has its place, but you cannot ditch regular shampoo and conditioner. Your hair and scalp need washing and rinsing to keep it clean. If you choose to only use dry shampoo, cleansing is minimal.

Does Dry Shampoo Have Benefits?

Dry shampoo has a few benefits. It’s good for a quick hair fix when you’re on the go and you want your strands to look and feel clean. Simply spray the dry shampoo on and off you go.

Dry shampoo makes life a little quicker, too, along with longevity as you don’t have to wash your hair that day.

Dry Shampoo Has Its Downfalls

While dry shampoo has a couple pros, it also has a few cons.

For example, dry shampoo can lead to dry skin or simply forgetting to wash your hair with regular shampoo. This, in turn, can cause dandruff. Dry shampoo is, as the name implies, dry. It can dry your hair out, causing unwanted and unsightly flakes.

What’s more, some dry shampoo varieties contain questionable products, like talc which is poisonous and tends to act as an absorbent in dry shampoos. Other typical ingredients like parabens and ethanol are toxic.

What’s more, dry shampoo can lead to dusty hair, due to the talc. Powder tends to be a challenge to get out of hair, and if you use dry shampoo even as little as once a week, you can expect to see some dust residue in your tresses. Regular shampoo won’t dry out your hair but rather locks in moisture and shine.

Finally, dry shampoo can leave your hair with a rather odd-looking texture. It’s kind of like gel. Leave it in too long and it can look dry and flakey. That’s because it absorbs oils and dirt to make hair look shinier, but when it’s left in for too long, it absorbs your natural oils, leaving hair texture looking somewhat peculiar.

Actual Shampoo Is Where It’s All At

Actual shampoo is designed to give you shiny, healthy, strong, well-nourished strands. Drying and styling may seem like a hassle, but you can’t beat healthy, well-balanced follicles and roots!

See Soapbox’s range of shampoos and conditioners today to lock in moisture and nourish your tresses.

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