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#StopAsianHate How we're putting action behind words

#StopAsianHate How we're putting action behind words

To our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander friends, family, and community: we are horrified by the violence and ever-present discrimination and anti-asian racism that has been ongoing. We stand with you, through our words and actions to condemn these awful acts of hate. 

We know that words of support and solidarity do not just carry themselves the weight of all that is going on, so we want to put our money + mission where our mouth is. 

At Soapbox, we are honored to be able to donate millions of units of hygiene products to Asian and AAPI communities both aboard and here in the USA through our one-for-one mission. We’ve been doing this for 11 years and have no intention of slowing down. It is our customers who make these literal truckloads of change possible to local homeless shelters and food pantries domestically. Internationally, we’re able to hire hundreds of Asian and Pacific Islander individuals through our 501c3 partners to create and distribute soap to schools, refugee centers, clinics, and WASH implementations. 

We know that access to proper hygiene doesn’t stop racism or discrimination, so we’ll also be making a monetary donation to AAPI Women Lead and Asian Americans Advancing Justice to help expand advocacy for our AAPI community, family, team members, and friends. 

AAPI Women Lead is an organization dedicated to uplifting and empowering the voices of self identified AAPI women who have been impacted by racial discrimination, immigration, #metoo, and more. Their purpose is to enlighten the world of the Asian and Pacific Islander experience. It is not until everyone begins to view ALL cultures as equal; that acts of discrimination and violence against communities will be inconceivable. 

Asian Americans Advancing Justice empowers their communities by bringing local and national components together and ensuring Asian Americans are able to participate fully in our democracy. Their mission is to advance the civil and human rights for Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all. 

We started Soapbox with the idea that people would want to purchase natural products that would help others. We believe that a vast amount of people are good inside. That they want a better future for their kids, a more just world, and that they want to love their neighbor regardless of where they’re from or how they look. We still believe this and hope that people who are like this choose to stand up, speak up and work towards a more just society.

We don’t know if our country needs another letter right now. But we hope this helps. We hope that this reaches someone who needs to see that we are not silent. We are here with you.


In solidarity,

David Simnick, Soapbox CEO & Co-Founder
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