Introducing Tea Tree & Bamboo Hair care !

Introducing Tea Tree & Bamboo Hair care !

We’re welcoming two new variants to our hair care line!


Tea Tree

Kick-start your day with this Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner to wake up your hair & scalp with its tingling sensation! This ultra stimulating oil will have your hair follicles dancing away build-up on your scalp and making room for stronger, healthier hair to boogie on down. Tea Tree oil is also linked to preventing premature hair loss and dandruff! So hold onto your luscious locks and let the invigorating feeling of Tea Tree take the lead in your shower routine.





Let the fresh, dewy scent of our bamboo shampoo and conditioner take your locks on a hydration vacation. Not only is bamboo known for retaining moisture, but also for giving your locks super strength too! Silica found in bamboo extract will help in the fight against break
age and keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

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