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Everything You Need to Know About Bataua Fruit Oil in Your Lotion and Body Wash

Everything You Need to Know About Bataua Fruit Oil in Your Lotion and Body Wash


When it comes to skin care products that really are amazing for your skin, plant-based oils are powerhouse ingredients. They can turn your skin dreams into moisturized, nourished reality.

In fact, natural ingredients paired with a fruit or plant-based oil takes your skin care routine from ordinary to extraordinary. Yes, synthetic ingredients and chemicals certainly can offer similar benefits, but those sometimes come with risks you might not be willing to take on your skin. Natural oils foster skin that simply looks better as you age. These oils are incredibly potent all on their own but added to your lotion, you get the richest and most nutrient product to truly support and spoil your skin.

The Benefits of Naturally Derived Oils In Skin Care Products

  1. They are sensational for dry skin

With temperatures heating up, you’re definitely going to want to show off your best skin yet with smooth, moisturized legs and arms. Fortunately, oil-based lotions are the answer to flaky, rough, and dry skin. For softer skin, we recommend trying our special citrus and peach rose rejuvenating lotion.

Our lotion won’t just leave you smelling citrus-floral-fresh, but extremely hydrated with our custom hydrating blend of shea butter and aloe. Coupled with a gorgeous bataua fruit oil infusion, you’ll be left feeling fresh and rejuvenated with every application.

  1. The ultimate skin protection

Since oils are lipophilic, they have the ability to penetrate deep into your skin, trapping in tons of moisturizing goodness and keeping the toxins out. They can even help to fortify and strengthen your natural skin barrier, which is important especially for big city dwellers who need that extra protection against pollutants.

Our citrus and peach rose body wash is the perfect accompaniment to the lotion. Like the lotion, the body wash is jam-packed with incredible bataua fruit oil, renowned for providing skin elasticity and keeping the wrinkles at bay. It’s filled with plenty of fatty and amino acids, too, just to make sure your skin is spoiled with ultra-moisturizing properties.

What’s All This About Bataua Fruit Oil?

Bataua fruit is native to Brazil. For a long time, it’s been included in lotions and skin care products to both exfoliate the skin and lock in moisture. When combined with ingredients like shea butter, you’re guaranteed fresh, clean skin that keeps dryness at bay.

In fact, bataua fruit oil is a lesser-known beauty secret both for hair and skin. The oil comes from the fruit of a palm-like tree that’s usually found growing in tropical rainforests. The fruit itself is produced within the tree’s eighth year and can then produce as much as three infructescences each year.

This is one fruit that people in Amazon rainforests have been using for generations. Once the fruit ripens, it’s harvested and covered for a couple of days to encourage even further ripening.

The pataua palm tree, from where the bataua fruit is harvested, can grow as tall as 25 meters and has just one stem. The fruits, as they grow, typically look like a horses’ tail in shape and take anywhere from 10 to 14 months to develop. That’s why this is one plant that can be found with both fruits and flowers at the same time.

Extracting Bataua Fruit Oil

So, how does the oil get from the fruit to your lotion? The traditional procedure involves soaking the fruits in water. This helps to separate the seed and pulp. The fruit is then shredded and the pulp is placed in a container of water. That water is boiled until the oil appears.

Alternatively, the oil can be extracted with the use of a mechanical press. With this method, the pulp is reheated so as to gain a higher yield. Bataua fruit contains nearly 40% pulp and 60% seeds. It is the pulp that contains around 18% of the oil.

Every year, a palm tree can produce about two bunches of fruits, or 32kg of fruit. This amount of fruit can yield 2.4 liters of oil when a mechanical press is used.

Isn’t It Time to Treat Your Skin?

Pure plant oils like bataua fruit oil are full of goodness, which means it only takes a small amount on your skin to reap the moisturizing benefits.

With so many advantages, isn’t it time you tried a lotion and body wash with bataua fruit oil?


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