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FREE Shipping on all orders $35+
Soapbox, always working to make a Splash around the world

Soapbox, always working to make a Splash around the world

These girls are just two of the 950 students who only had one water station at their school; it sounds crazy to our standards, because it is. Well, that’s a thing of the past now because of your support from purchasing SoapBox products. Your purchases helped us to provide funding for a second water station with our partner Splash!





Splash works to make sure that every child in Government schools, globally, has access to clean drinking water and proper hygiene products/education. Such is the case for this school, Katjunagar Vidyapith, in India.


 “Splash takes what works for world-class restaurants and hotels—their technology, supply chains and standards—to make the same quality possible for kids living in urban poverty. There is no reason why kids can’t have clean water, other than old economics and assumptions. But the economics and assumptions are changing.” – Eric Stowe, Splash founder and CEO

These students were working with one water station for drinking, washing their hands and cleaning meal-cooking utensils. The construction of the new station provided 2 water drinking fountains, 2 hand-washing areas and a separate station for washing kitchen utensils. This drastically dropped the student to drinking water/hand washing tap ratio to 238:1.

 We are so proud to continue to work with Splash on bar soap donations and child-centered hygiene education. The need to pair clean water, bar soap and basic hygiene lessons together is essential in the fight against preventable diseases and an overall improved lifestyle for these kids. Soap is a basic commodity that should be available to all and our partnership with Splash, along with your support, allows us to bring this basic essential to those in need. The education aspect of our partnership is what encourages people to continue to practice and understand the value of proper hygiene care.

“Experiential learning is key. No textbooks, alone, can do the job. Kids giggle, sing and learn as they gain hands-on practice and learning about the health impact of unclean water–and what they can do to promote health behaviors in others.”– Stowe

 Together, with your purchases and our partnerships, we are creating a difference in millions of children’s lives. These two girls, and their school, are just one example of the lives that you are positively impacting by choosing SoapBox products!

“The goal is big and the path is long, but the little kids and their happy faces at the sight of clean water is always a source of inspiration for us. Clean water means a lot to them and their smiles mean a lot to us.” – Stowe


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