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FREE Shipping on all orders $35+
Bringing More Value to a Bar of Soap

Bringing More Value to a Bar of Soap

“[This photo from Ashte, India] represents what Sundara and SoapBox have been able to provide to the community as a whole- a ray of sunshine, growth and development, a better future for all community members.” – Michelle from Sundara

 What if your soap brought you more than clean hands and proper hygiene etiquette?

Well, with your continued support, we are able to partner with Sundara and bring more to the table than the face value of a bar of soap (no pun intended). This partnership helps fulfill our mission of bringing soap and hygiene education to those in need.

By going beyond the one-for-one model we are able to give back more than a bar of soap with each of your purchases. Teaming with Sundara allows us to provide these donations to people in need internationally as well as support the local economy by creating jobs and keeping the soap making in the communities we serve.

Your purchase helped fund Sundara to open its second soap shop in Ashte, India on the milestone of their first birthday. This second location not only drastically increased the amount of soap they are able to produce each month, but also added diversity to the job opportunities in the community.Instead of traveling 5 hours to Kalwa to provide soap to the people in the slums of Ashte, the second Sundara location now employs and serves within the same community.

This growth is all thanks to you and your support. Your purchases help fuel organizations like Sundara to bring not only soap, but also an overall positive impact on the lives of the people in these slums.

“With the introduction of Sundara into the community, during our last visit there you could truly feel how we've become a ray of sunshine to the community members. They were gleaming with happiness and welcomed us into their home with open arms." - Michelle

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