Bataua Fruit- What the Heck is it?

Bataua Fruit- What the Heck is it?


By now, you’ve probably seen our products in stores like Target, Walmart, or perhaps all over the internet because we’
re so excited! We can’t stop talking about it! While you might already be familiar with argan oil, acai berry, and coconut oil, you may not have heard of bataua fruit oil. What is this foreign sounding fruit and why is it in personal care products? Well, it’s because bataua fruit is one of nature’s best kept secrets, and we are super excited to tell you more about it!


Bataua (Bā-too-ah) fruit oil is native to the Amazon region. The oil from bataua fruit looks similar to olive oil, but it also contains remarkably high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid that makes it super effective at treating dry, flaky scalp.


Traditionally used by natives of the Amazon as a hair loss and anti-dandruff tonic, this oil starts at the root (literally), moisturizing and calming the scalp, and works all the way to the ends of hair to promote intense hydration.



Whether it is your scalp or your body, bataua fruit’s high level of oleic acid, vitamins A & E, and saturated fats  can do wonders to restore and protect your skin.

During a NYC media tour, we introduced bataua fruit to top beauty editors at fashion and lifestyle magazines, and they all LOVED the product’s bright and fruity smell!

Great smell and great benefits, there’s so much to love about SoapBox’s Bataua Fruit Oil line!



Get in on the Amazon’s greatest kept secret and find out for yourself!

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