Demand brought on by COVID-19 has challenged our soap availability, but we are working quickly to get back in stock ASAP! Thank you so much for all the support, understanding and patience–we're all in this together.

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Pida, Uganda

Calendar IconStarted June, 2018
Map Icon1.9403°, 29.8739°

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Bars of soap donated
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Hygiene lessons taught

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Project Details

One of our amazing partners in Uganda helps educate hopeful entrepreneurs in the communities they serve to develop their own soap making workshops to create, sell and in turn donate soap to those in need within their own communities. Your donations help fund the soap making materials as well as the salaries of these incredible workers.

Local Soap Maker

Maria Kubuka

We partnered with local soap artisan, Maria, to provide soap to the local community. She’s been a soap maker for over 30 years and has a thriving business.

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More Than 7,001,078 Bars Donated

Each of your Soapbox products donates a bar of soap to someone in need and often these bar donations are also paired with proper hygiene education.

Sustainability is key and we practice it by working with local soap makers when available for the bars that are donated.

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